Early on in 1984 Chris started to work as a songwriter using a Mac ll and an 8086 to write midi and record his music. This is where he started to understand computers and how they worked. His first interaction was to wire the Mac ll so as to be able to run Microsoft Office such as it was.

After his accident working as head carpenter on a site in Florida he turned to working as a field operative for Access Computer Designs. His assignments included working for video stores using Unix, Graphics Design Companies using the latest Apple products, and He started to work as a Systems Admin for HarperCollins Publishers. For 15 years he was with them in San Francisco at the HarperOne site upgrading from old coaxial Netware systems to ethernet and Microsoft Servers and Windows for 250 users.

When HarperOne moved and downsized Chris was responsible for moving and wiring the new venue, creating the back office and connecting the computers.

In 2012 he became a contractor and independent consultant as the company became under a new focus and the work he was doing was included in an international contract with a large 3rd party.

As a consultant and contractor he has worked for home and business owners who have require installations of Servers, WiFi, Cable, Hard Drive and Memory upgrades, as well as acted as a primary, building several recording studios.

He is now owner of Vortex Systems Consultants which supports all back office and helpdesk issues. The above website will detail more about it.

Classical Pianist at 11
Chris was introduced to the piano through his mom who was proficient with all the classics.

After 2 years of lessons he was getting gold stars while playing the works of  Chopin, Rachmaninof, and the classic Beethoven, Lizt, Schubert and Debussy.

Master Jazz drummer
Chris started as a wannabe Cornet player in High School but there were no chairs available but there was a Snare Drum position so this is how his career began.
Throughout his career he has played in several well known groups and in different areas of America. The Rogues, The Moosticks, Spaces, Dirty Red and The Bandana Boys, Chris Cosbey Quintet or CC5, Bautista and amany others. He has also worked as a sideman for many projects.
Chris is an exceptional sound editor, engineer and producer. he has succesfully engineered and produced many albums. Credited to his work is Magda Martine’s first outing No Detour, Surrender by Carl Jepperson, Carnivale – Chris Cosbey, It’s About Time by Jeff Walters to name a few.